Model Y Body-In-White May Shed Light On Tesla Glass Incidents

Another video, about the door module, may help explain them a little more.

The first time I reported an issue with glasses on Tesla vehicles was on January 6. Sergio Rodriguez’s Model X had a waterfall in his dashboard. We later learned from Chad Hrencecin, from “The Electrified Garage,” and also from George Catalin Marinescu, from “Doctor Tesla,” that this was a common issue. New glass issues emerged in March. Surprisingly, the Tesla Model Y teardown shed some light on the causes of these problems.

Two recent videos come to the rescue about this subject. The first one, embedded above, had the goal of showing a naked body. Don’t be naughty: it was the Model Y’s body-in-white, or BIW, for short.

Munro showed the structures of the body, such as the shot guns, and talked about measures Tesla takes to make the Model Y a silent car, such as filling some of them with foam. The engineer also spoke about the lack of paint on the frunk bay, something we have already mentioned Toyota also does with the Etios, a cheap car sold in Brazil and India.

Gallery: Sandy Munro Model Y Teardown

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Again, Munro found welding splashes and was not very happy with the roof rack attachments. Part of the urethane that is used to glue the roof glass to the body had invaded the front attachment. That will make installing the roof rack a tough job. The engineer advises anyone willing to have one to order it from Tesla straight ahead: that’s the only way to have it installed for sure.