Mobile DC fast-charging service for EVs kicks off in Singapore – Power Up Tech vans with 50 kW chargers –

Unless one has a dedicated wallbox on location at home, getting an electric vehicle (EV) juiced up is pretty much left to utilising chargers in the public domain. At this juncture, with the infrastructure still at a nascent stage, securing access to a permanent charging point can be a challenge, requiring effort and waiting time at the location, which may not always be convenient to a user.

What then if the charging point comes to you, at your convenience and at the location of your choice? A Singaporean company is doing just that by bringing charging to a user’s doorstep with its newly-introduced mobile charging service. The aim is to make life easier for EV owners in the republic, as the Straits Times reports.

Local firm Power Up Tech (P.Up) provides on-demand DC fast charging services anywhere within Singapore from 9am to 9pm (Monday to Saturday), with each service visit lasting anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour, bringing the car’s battery to an 80% state of charge. Users can make a booking for the service via the company’s Facebook page, website or through WhatsApp messaging.

A 50 kW DC charging system, housed in a van (of which the company has three, currently), provides the necessary. With an energy capacity of 52 kWh, the system can – depending on the type of vehicle – juice up to two EVs before it needs to be recharged. Aside from CCS2 charging, the P.Up system can also work with EVs utilising ChaDeMo connectors.

The reasoning for charging until an 80% SoC is simple enough, done in the interest of overall efficiency, because charging speed and rate drops significantly for the last 20%. Besides the issue of time, there is also cost, as users would be paying for little gains from that point.

The company, which says its service is the first of its kind in the island state, has three prepaid packages, priced from 73 cents (RM2.33) to 88 cents (RM2.81) per kWh. This is slightly higher than the fast-charging offered by Shell at its fixed locations, which is priced at 55 cents (RM1.76) per kWh, as well as that from utlity company Singapore Power (SP) Group, which is 54.3 cents (RM1.74) per kWh – a small premium for the convenience of having charging brought to you.

Do you think such a service work here in Malaysia, and would you pay more to get your EV charged at your convenience? Share your views with us in the comments section.

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