Mitsubishi Triton sole pick-up truck in Malaysia with positive growth for FY2019; 5,762 units sold til March

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia has announced that the Triton is the sole entrant in the pick-up truck segment in Malaysia to have recorded positive growth in the financial year 2019 (ending March 2020), with a gain of 0.9% over the same period previously. This is despite a decline of 21% in the segment during the same period, said Mitsubishi.

The last three months of its financial year, from January to March 2020 saw the Triton maintain a market share of at least 22% for three consecutive months, and also saw the Japanese pick-up end the financial year with an overall market share of 17%, exceeding Mitsubishi’s target of 16%.

The double-cab version of the Triton has actually managed to take the market lead in certain states across Malaysia, namely in Melaka, Penang and Kedah where it held the top spot in the segment for the entire FY2019 period, said Mitsubishi.

Triton VGT MT Premium (left); Triton Quest (right)

“We are pleased that the Triton double-cab is gaining the trust of Malaysians and is becoming the favourite in some states. We are confident that the Triton will continue to drive our momentum in Malaysia,” said Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia CEO Tomoyuki Shinnishi.

In January, the Triton charted a 2.4% year-on-year increase despite a 21% decline in the pick-up truck segment in that period, and the Japanese brand has held the top ranking in the Malaysia Customer Service Index (CSI) Mass Market Study for two consecutive years.

The Triton Quest workhorse was introduced to the Malaysian market last November priced at RM79,890, while the Triton VGT MT Premium, priced at RM113,300 in February, received upgrades such as a driving video recorder, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The Covid-19 pandemic is likely to see the automotive sector remain under pressure, however the team at Mitsubishi are working to implement extra precautionary measures post-MCO to ensure the safety of its customers at its sales and service centres, said the CEO of Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia.

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