Michelin Pilot Sport 5 in Malaysia: PS5 gets better grip, longer life; 17 to 19 inches priced from RM700-RM1.9k – paultan.org

Less than two months after its global introduction, the Michelin Pilot Sport 5 has been launched in Malaysia. The new high performance tyre replaces the popular Pilot Sport 4 and features several innovations designed to increase grip and precision.

The Pilot Sport incorporates a Dual Sport Tread Design that is claimed to maximise control both in the dry and in the wet by increasing grip and braking performance. Rigid blocks on the outer tread to optimise dry grip, while the inner tread has been specifically designed to increase wet grip.

Wet-weather safety and handling is further improved by the large Groove Clear longitudinal grooves, which direct water into wide transverse channels and away from the tyre. Overall, the Pilot Sport 5 is claimed to be up to 1.7% faster than its predecessor on Michelin’s test track, with an average improvement of 1.5%.

Meanwhile, the MaxTouch Construction Technology helps to provide a more consistent tyre patch by evenly distributing accelerating, braking and cornering forces, which not only provides better performance but also a longer tread life. Beneath the rubber sits a hybrid belt made from aramid and nylon as part of Michelin’s Dynamic Response Technology, which reinforces the structure of the tyre.

In terms of aesthetics, the Premium Touch velvet-like sidewall treatment that was introduced on the Pilot Sport 4 has been expanded to include more of the sidewall, which Michelin says provides a sportier look. The Pilot Sport 5 is now available at authorised dealers in Malaysia in 26 different sizes ranging from 17 to 19 inches in diameter, with retail prices ranging from RM700 to RM1,900. A further 21 sizes, which will increase the maximum diameter to 21 inches, will be offered by the end of the year.

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