Mexican Bakery Corporation Bimbo Goes Electric

EVs sells like hotcakes – it takes on a new meaning.

Grupo Bimbo, a Mexican bakery corporation (world’s largest one – with more than 100 locations in 17 countries), has one of the largest electric delivery van fleets in the country (about 500), and moreover – produces EVs in-house, through a subsidiary – Moldex.

Bimbo’s adventure with EVs started in 2012. Now, after several years and some $146 million invested in development and production, Bimbo set a target to expand its fleet to 4,000 EVs in four years – by 2024.

Most recently, the company incorporated 100 Moldex BEVs and 41 Toyota hybrid vehicles.

The latest VDT3 model is able to cover some 80 km (50 miles) on a single charge taking 1,000 kg of payload. The top speed is just 70 km/h, but it does not have to be high.

According to media reports, Grupo Bimbo will add some 1,000 VDT3 per year and who knows, maybe will also try to sell EVs to other companies.

“Moldex, a subsidiary of Grupo Bimbo, designed and manufactured the new electric trucks. Moldex’s plant is in the Mexico City suburb of Lerma, where company engineers have been working on the electric truck project since 2012.

Moldex will be responsible for providing 1,000 units per year over four years, the company said.”

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