Mercedes-Benz Star Experience – a gateway to luxury living and a digitalised vehicle ownership experience –

If there is one car brand that exemplifies luxury living, it is Mercedes-Benz. For over 120 years, the German carmaker has never stopped pushing the standards by which automobiles are developed and built to ensure exceptional journeys every time anyone gets behind the wheel.

Recently Mercedes-Benz Malaysia and its retail partners embarked on a journey to provide customers with a taste of this luxurious lifestyle through the Mercedes-Benz Star Experience, a curation of engaging activities that brings audiences even closer to the famed three-pointed star.

Sustainable mobility is one of Mercedes-Benz’s pledges, and with a complete portfolio of electric vehicles (EVs), the brand is well and truly delivering on this target. Packed with technology and always connected, Mercedes-Benz EVs are best experienced in-person, which is exactly what the Mercedes-Benz Star Experience promises.

In addition to a detailed presentation on the current Mercedes-Benz EVs available and the digital innovations currently in place, product experts are also on hand to take customers on an in-car tour to explain all the features available on stunning models like the EQS and EQA.

The launch of Mercedes me Connect in 2020 also provides customers with the ability to improve the functionality of their vehicles over time through add-on services. At the event, attendees are provided with a first-hand demonstration on how Mercedes me Connect adds to the ownership experience, bringing it to another level.

Attendees are also taken on a workshop tour to witness the comprehensive steps taken to ensure your Mercedes-Benz is in its best shape. These include a thorough servicing process, the use of genuine Mercedes-Benz parts and tyres as well as CitNow video servicing, which ensures absolute transparency. A demonstration on electric chargers and how to use them efficiently is also part of the tour.

The Mercedes-Benz Star Experience is more than just vehicles, as attendees are also treated to the finer things in life with a three-course lunch comprised of specially-curated dishes. As the saying goes, “there’s always room for more dessert,” so indulge in sweet ice cream from Inside Scoop.

To complement the deluxe gastronomy experience, pop-up booth activities such as golf putting, a photo booth and hair care by COCOdry. Complete the Mercedes-Benz experience with official merchandise, which will be offered at an exclusive 20% discount at the event.

According to Edmin Naidoo, vice president for customer services at Mercedes-Benz Malaysia and SEA II, the Mercedes-Benz Star Experience is more than just a showcase of the German carmaker’s current and future offerings.

“It’s all about our attitude, which is to delight our customers by creating WOW moments along the entire customer journey and product experience. Additionally, we must demonstrate care for our customers with exceptional and convenient services, while also excelling in everything we do by delivering results to prove ourselves as a committed and trusted partner,” said Naidoo.

“Our commitment and passion for luxury goes far beyond the technology and design of our cars,” he said. Acting like a luxury brand, which Mercedes-Benz has been since the early 1900s, means that we have to provide extraordinary customer experiences at all touchpoints along the customer journey, be it digitally or physically,” he added.

The Mercedes-Benz Star Experience is a unique event for customers to discover the world of luxury living that only the three-pointed star can provide. Don’t miss out on the next location of the event by signing up for updates here.

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