Mercedes-Benz shows its support for social distancing

The fight against the Covid-19 pandemic isn’t easy, but if we do our part by taking precautionary measures like social distancing, we increase our chances of overcoming the health crisis sooner rather than prolonging it further.

Previously, automakers like Volkswagen and Audi have shown their support in promoting social distancing, and Mercedes-Benz is joining them with its own message. Like its German counterparts, the Stuttgart-based carmaker uploaded a revised version of its famous three-pointed star logo to its official global Facebook channel.

“Thanks to everybody for maintaining social distancing guidelines during these times. By acting together and #StayAtHome, we can successfully combat the virus,” read the caption to accompany the new logo, which sees some additional space between the three-pointed star and the ring that surrounds it.

It isn’t just a logo swap that Mercedes-Benz has done to assist during these trying times, as the company’s Formula 1 works team along with several others are part of “Project Pitlane,” which aims to manufacture and deliver respiratory devices required in the treatment of Covid-19 patients.

Other efforts include repurposing its 3D printers to produce medical equipment instead of automobile components, sending out its own emergency paramedics to assist Stuttgart’s public emergency medical services, providing cash donations, and supplying a wide selection of colouring images for kids and adults who are young at heart to pass the time.

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