Mechanic restores abandoned Porsche Cayenne that was forgotten for a year

The TikTok user @porsche_coldfox has gone viral after releasing a video in which he restores a Porsche Cayenne SUV that was abandoned in the wilderness.

Whilst some cars are still worth millions when they’re left unrestored, it is always nice to see a car get a new lease of life.

The seven-minute video begins by showing a very dilapidated example of a Cayenne that, @porsche_coldfox explains, had an interesting backstory.

He said: “This 2011 Cayenne belongs to Lady Latonya. Her mansion is so big, and the vehicle was forgotten somewhere for a while.

“Now we’ve finally found it. The headlights were stolen, and exterior is damaged.”

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The video begins with @porsche_coldfox unearthing the black SUV from long grass, revealing the tired paintwork and missing headlights.

The Porsche was taken into a garage, where the engine was removed, with all of the old fluids being drained, and new suspension components were fitted.

The bodywork was also pressure washed to remove the years of dirt and the interior was completely removed for a deep clean.

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After the work was complete, the Porsche Cayenne was placed into a showroom, where viewers could see close-up shots of the pristine bodywork and interior.

Additionally, @porsche_coldfox explained that the restoration helped to put the car to good use, returning it to the original owner.

He added: “It feels like a friend, so she decided to restore it and give it to her daughter Tyli.”

@porsche_coldfox A Cayenne was forgotten in jungle for a year? Challenge accepted!#porsche #porscheclub #porschecayenne #porschepanamera #car #carrestoration #carbuild ♬ Dj El Perdon Mix Mashup – Tablesini

Many viewers enjoyed seeing the Porsche being restored to its former glory, with over 12million views and plenty of comments supporting the team who fixed it.

One fan wrote: “I worked in the car industry for eight years now from sales to reconditioning and now body shop. I approve this video.”

Another noted: “That’s brand new now, wow!”

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