McDonald’s spy on drivers when they sit at drive-thru lanes, claims former worker

Staffordshire: McDonald's customers fight at drive-thru

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Former employee Amber said staff regularly hear “insults” from other drivers while they wait to take their orders. However, drivers are unaware staff can hear them as they have not yet addressed them in the queue.

Speaking in a TikTok clip, former worker Amber revealed staff can put some drivers “on pause” which may explain long waiting times at drive-thrus.

She said: “When you pull forward in the drive-thru we can already see you and hear you, even though we haven’t said hello.

“When we actually put you on pause because we are busy, we can still hear you – the amount of insults I heard.”

Similar claims weremade by Reddit useer ‘wreckinitralph’ on the forum ‘LifeProTips’ two years ago.

The user claimed they wish they could “forget some of the stuff” heard over the microphones without drivers knowing.

They said: “As soon as you drive up to the speaker, we get a beep over our headsets and the transmission begins.

“If we don’t answer you right away – we can hear everything.

“If we apologise and say we’ll be with you in a minute – you’re not on hold, we can hear everything.

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“If you’ve ordered but the drive-thru line won’t let you pull ahead yet – we can hear every single thing you’re saying.

“I wish I could forget some of the stuff I’ve heard.

“On the flipside, some of the stuff I’ve heard has made me give the customer a nice little bonus on their order when it sounds like they need it.”

Amber also said McDonald’s takes details about a driver’s visit to a drive-thru lane.

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