Maxxis Premitra Snow WP6 review

A podium spot for straight-line aquaplaning contrasted with a lowly seventh on the curved test

We’ve seen promising performances from Maxxis in our other tests, and while joint sixth doesn’t immediately impress here, the WP6 was in the thick of the battle for the final podium spot. 

It performed best in the dry, where it was third across the two tests with a pair of podium finishes. It impressed on the stopwatch and it felt good, with a liveliness most rivals lacked. The front gripped well with limited push when accelerating. It was also responsive to throttle changes.

If the dry was its peak, then it was in the freezing temperatures where it struggled, although it was closer to the leaders in the wet, where it delivered mixed results. Nowhere was that more apparent than in aquaplaning, where it was second in a straight line, but seventh on the curve. Handling and cornering were more consistent, but an initial sharpness was dulled as the laps went on, although this did make for a stable rear.

It took the cabin noise win, which will appeal to some, but poor fuel economy will deter others. A better result there and Maxxis would have jumped several spots.

We say:

A mixed bag from Maxxis on its winter debut, with some promising results close to the leaders, but fuel economy needs work if it is to challenge the top two in future tests. says…

At the time of writing, does not currently hold stock of this tyre, so we are unable to provide any insight into the tyre’s popularity or performance with our customers.

Maxxis Premitra Snow WP6    
Overall: 96.70%  
Price: Price £89.45  
Snow braking: Snow braking 97.9% 6th
Snow traction: Snow traction 96.0% 7th
Straight aquaplaning: Straight aquaplaning 96.6% 2nd
Curved aquaplaning: Curved aquaplaning 84.4% 7th
Wet braking: Wet braking 88.2% 6th
Wet handling: Wet handling 98.4% 4th
Wet circle: Wet circle 97.8% 3rd
Dry braking: Dry braking 95.5% 2nd
Dry handling: Dry handling 98.7% 3rd
Rolling resistance: Rolling resistance 80.0% 8th
Cabin noise: Cabin noise 100% 1st

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