Man fined £100 for parking in free Aldi car park while store still open ‘Ridiculous’

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Nick Pradic had shopped at the Orpington branch of the store in South London with his daughter and received the fine in the post a few days later. The car park in question offers three hours of free parking until 9pm.

However, Mr Pradic left the store at 9.15pm resulting in a fine being issued despite the store not closing until 10pm.

He then returned to the Aldi to double-check the restrictions to discover they applied to the hours of 8am to 9pm, Monday to Saturday.

Mr Pradic said:” I’ve lived in Orpington for the past 25 years and there’s never been a problem with parking.

“Me and my daughter went to Aldi at around half past eight and we must have left the store at around quarter past nine.”

He continued: “We saw the sign saying three hours max parking, but presumed because the store was open until 10pm, it would be OK.

“A week later we received a fine in the post for £100, unless you pay within two weeks, in which case they cut it down to £60.”

He decided not to take the demand lying down however and has since taken action.

Mr Pradic added: “I went back to check the sign and my heart sank because I thought I didn’t have a leg to stand on – the small print said parking only until nine.”

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“But I decided to argue the case anyway because how could you fine people if the store is still open?

“I went in and said look, this is ridiculous, and provided proof we had been shopping in the store at the time.”

Mr Pradic now wants the sign to be amended to prevent other shoppers falling foul of the rules.

He explained: “When we left the car park it was still pretty full, so I think a lot more people will have been fined. I haven’t been back to Aldi since Christmas, but as far as I know the sign is still up and nothing has been done to clarify the situation.”

He added: “They really need to amend this so more people don’t get caught out.”

Aldi said that the fine was issued in error and urged other customers affected to come forward.

A company spokesperson said: “This charge was given in error due to an issue with the parking technology at our Sevenoaks Way store which has now been resolved.

“Anyone who feels they were issued a fine incorrectly at this store should contact Aldi’s customer services team directly.”

Recently reported on the huge increase in fines issued by private parking companies.

The number of fines issued by these companies has rocketed by two-thirds in the past five years.

That’s a total rise of 64 percent since 2016.

Many have had enough of the practice, feeling it targets motorists who often have no choice but to stop for a period of time.

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