Majority Of Potential EV Buyers In UK Waiting For Scrappage Scheme

A scrappage scheme for gas and diesel cars could turn more onto EV ownership.

More than 50 percent of motorists said that they would be more likely to take up EV ownership if the government introduced a scrappage scheme for petrol and diesel cars.

The findings from a nationwide survey from nationwide EV charge point installer Smart Home Charge at a time where speculation suggests that the announcement of such a scheme could be just around the corner as the government pushes towards a zero-emissions future.

In the survey, 50.4 percent of respondents said they would either ‘definitely’ buy a new EV or would be ‘more likely to’ if a scrappage scheme was to be introduced.

However just 10 percent said that such a scheme would not pursuade them to buy an EV, while 7.3 percent said they would be more inclined to lease or rent an EV rather than buy one outright.

“Our survey has shown that most people understand how petrol and diesel cars can negatively impact their local environment, particularly air quality,” said Danny Morgan, editor at Smart Home Charge. “It also shows many people are willing to do something about it, including switching to an electric car.

“But buying any brand new or used car can be a significant investment, so a Government contribution in the form of a scrappage scheme to encourage electric car ownership would not only be a boost to the UK automotive industry but would also be a big step in helping this country achieve its net-zero carbon economy target by 2050.”