Kia Outlines Plans For Battery Electric Car Sales Expansion In Europe

Kia’s electrification in Europe is progressing quite well. From 2021 on, it should further accelerate.

Kia today outlined its plans of further car electrification in Europe, where in the first quarter already 6% (6,811 units) of its sales were all-electric cars (about one-fifth were xEVs). In Q1 2019, it was just 2.9%.

By 2026, the company intends to sell 500,000 all-electric cars globally (see details of the mid- to long-term strategy “Plan S” here), and in Europe, BEVs should account for at least 20% of the volume.

The progress is pretty good so far in 2020 (up 75% year-over-year), especially since there are just two BEV models:

By 2025, Kia will launch a total of 11 “EVs” (battery-electric cars, we guess) globally, across a range of vehicle segments (including passenger vehicles, SUVs, and MPVs), including dedicated new models from 2021 (also in Europe).

In Europe in particular, every new Kia will get at least an electrified powertrain (mild-hybrid, full-hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or electric).

These BEVs will be based on an all-new platform and offer long-range (of over 500 km/ 311 miles) and fast-charging capability. There will also be an 800-volt battery system (at least in some models).

“The first of Kia’s next-generation EVs will be introduced to Europe in 2021, constructed on a unique platform specifically engineered to accommodate the car’s world-leading EV powertrain and technologies. Not only will it offer a crossover design which blurs the boundaries between passenger and sport utility vehicles, as well as a future-oriented user experience. It will also offer a single-charge driving range of over 500 kilometres, as well as sub-20-minute high-speed charging time.”

First next-generation all-electric Kia in Europe:

More BEVs to follow from 2022 onwards “with their own EV-specific designs and a new user experience designed to make them even easier to live with day-to-day”.

Emilio Herrera, Chief Operating Officer for Kia Motors Europe, comments:

“Many of Kia’s new EVs will be offered in Europe, which is currently the focal point for EV sales growth worldwide. We are encouraged by the early sales success of our current generation of EVs, the new e-Niro and e-Soul, which have been well-received by buyers across the continent. In every one of the last five years, we have reported growing sales of Kia EVs, and our next-generation models will accelerate this trend further.”

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