Keep the kids (or yourself) busy with an RC Hot Wheels Cybertruck

Tesla’s upcoming sci-fi Cybertruck is still a ways off. But you’ll still be able to drive one—or at least a scale model of one—before 2020 is over thanks to the toymaking wizards at Hot Wheels. Hot Wheels is producing scale replicas of the Cybertruck in two sizes, both of which are remote-controlled.

At the top of the heap is the beefy 1:10-scale version; capable of 25 mph speeds (that’d be the equivalent of 250 mph if this thing were scaled up to life-size) and equipped with all-wheel drive, this is a serious piece of equipment. It’s detailed, too, with working headlights and taillights, a telescoping tailgate that folds out into a loading ramp and a removable body that shows off an accurate interior. (And yes, there’s even a cracked window vinyl sticker so you can simulate that infamous moment from the full-size truck’s reveal.) Like a real Tesla, it’s electric; power comes from a 9.9-volt 33,00-mAh rechargeable battery.

Preorders for this limited-edition 1:10-scale truck are currently full, but you can sign up for updates if and when it becomes available again. The price? $400.

At the other end of the size, and budget, spectrum is Hot Wheels’ 1:64-scale Cybertruck. For $20, you get a radi0-controlled EV pickup that’s about 3 inches long—about the same size as Hot Wheels’ typical die-cast creations. Though this version is only two-wheel drive, Hot Wheels says it can hit scale speeds of up to 500 mph. The controller functions as a charger for the truck when its batteries run low.

The really cool part: Because it’s roughly the same size as your typical Hot Wheels, it’s compatible with the brand’s popular orange track system. Which means you’ll finally be able to rocket down the straightaways and loop-the-loop, just like you’ve always dreamed of doing. (Surely that’s not just us, right?) The toy will be available later this year; preorder it here.

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