Jaguar Land Rover rebranded to JLR with new logo –

Jaguar Land Rover has unveiled its new corporate identity as part of a rebranding exercise that will see it be officially known simply as JLR beginning June 1, 2023. This “house of brands” approach was first reported back in April and aims to “remove ambiguity and bring to the fore the unique DNA of each of JLR’s brands,” the company said in a release.

The new JLR identity is also the next step in the carmaker’s Reimagine strategy presented back in 2021, which will see it become a fully electric car company by 2025. With the move, the Range Rover, Discovery and Defender nameplates are now brought to the forefront and placed on the same level as Jaguar.

The three nameplates previously had ‘Land Rover’ as a prefix but given their popularity (most would just say Range Rover Sport instead of Land Rover Range Rover Sport), the company saw it fit to let these nameplates stand on their own. Even so, the Land Rover heritage mark remains integral and will be visible on the company’s vehicles, online platforms and retail sites.

To go along with the reinvention, we also get a new corporate logo you see here. “The creative process behind the new identity focused on elegance, modernity and a forward-thinking essence to exhibit the direction and ambition of the company. The descending j aspires to add elegance, while the lighter weight of the emblem illustrates the step change to refinement and modernity,” the company explained.

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