‘I’ve been a mechanic – here’s the dumbest thing you can buy for a used car’

The popular automotive expert Scotty Kilmer has warned drivers to never buy a warranty for a used car.

The mechanic of 55 years often posts short videos to his YouTube and TikTok accounts to help drivers save money and avoid problems on the roads, including listing three places he claims “only stupid people” buy cars from.

In one of his most recent videos, Scotty warns viewers who are thinking of buying a used car that buying a warranty could be a waste of money.

He explained: “Now, generally, I’m not a fan because all they are is insurance policies, and guess who decides whether you get the fix for free or not? The insurance company!

“I fix cars for a living; I can think of scores of times people brought me cars and the insurance companies refused to pay for the repair.”

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Whilst many drivers may feel better knowing that their new car is protected if it breaks down, Scotty noted that motorists should not rely on these warranties if something goes wrong.

In the video, he states that many insurance policies will cost more than the fee for repairing most problems, leaving drivers out of pocket.

Some motoring experts recommend that drivers should only buy an extended warranty if their car is known for being unreliable.

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Scotty explained that, in order to assess whether the warranty would cover a repair, often a lawyer has to speak to the mechanic fixing the vehicle.

He added: “Now, insurance policies are written by lawyers, but mechanics fix the cars, and in order to understand what’s actually covered, you would need the mechanic slash lawyer to get into the intricacies of what they’ll pay for and what they won’t.

“From my experience with these policies, they’re often not worth the paper that they’re printed on.”

With nearly 5,000 likes and 72,000 views, many motorists thanked Scotty for the video and shared their opinions on warranties.

One viewer wrote: “For new cars it’s not always a bad decision, seeing how the price of parts is way more expensive than they used to be.”

Another added: “My warranty paid for an engine, but I needed the receipts for the last three oil changes. Luckily, I was able to recover them.”

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