Is The Tesla Model Y The Perfect Modern Family EV?

We love the Model Y, but is it really perfect?

There are so many Tesla Model Y reviews out there now that deliveries are happening every day. We also know that there’s a lot of people out there looking for as much information as possible on this new EV, so when we come across a review that we think the community will appreciate, we bring it to you. 

Such is the case with the above video from Redline Reviews. It’s nearly half an hour long, and they do a nice job of going over the whole car. After checking the vehicle out, and driving it a bit, the host declares the Model Y is the perfect modern family electric vehicle. 

Redline Reviews had a local viewer loan them their spanking new Model Y performance for the review. They also have a Model 3, the personal vehicle of the reviewer, parked next to the Model Y to compare the two siblings. 

After explaining the exterior detail and optional wheels on the Performance version, the host takes to the interior to explore the additional headroom and rear legroom as compared to the Model 3. 

At about the halfway point of the video, he takes the vehicle for a drive and notes how the Model Y feels so much more nimble than the Model X. He then does a quick 0-60 run and after giggling a bit he says he misses that intense acceleration feel he remembers from testing the Tesla Model 3 Performance last year. 

So you get awesome sports-car-like performance, a tremendous amount of cargo space, seating for up to seven people with the third-row seating option, state of the art user interface with OTA updates, and more. All in a compact crossover package with a starting price of around $55,000.

While we’re not quite ready to say that makes it the perfect family electric vehicle like Redline Reviews EVs has, but it’s definitely getting there. The one thing that still needs to happen (and will) is for the cost of EVs to continue to go down.

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If the Model Y were available somewhere in the $25,000 to $35,000 price range, then it really might be the perfect family EV. However, the cost of the batteries still won’t allow that; not yet anyway. Personally, I think when we talk about a vehicle being a perfect family vehicle, I think it needs to be within reach of the budgets of most families.

Most families can’t afford a $55,000 vehicle, so they won’t get to experience how perfect the Model Y might be for them. The good news is that with the rapidly-dropping battery costs we’re hopefully only a couple years away from cost parity with ICE. Perfect.

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