Is The Model Y Truly The Best Tesla Yet?

The best of the best?

Is it us or does Tesla just keep getting better? With every new vehicle launch, Tesla seems to continue to outdo itself. And we’re not alone in that assessment. Andrew Erickson from the Youtube channel Tailosive EV recently posted a video explaining “Y the Model Y is the Best Tesla Yet”, and we thought our readers might find in enjoyable.

With the launch of the Model Y just weeks away now, there’s a lot of questions that will soon be answered. 

How big of an effect will the Model Y have on Model 3 sales?

Will Model Y also cannibalize the Model X?

Will the Model Y become the number 1 selling tesla?

                                        Is the Model Y a better Model 3, or is it just better for different uses?

Since the Model Y is basically a larger Model 3 with a hatchback instead of a trunk, will that many people defect from a Model 3 and pay the additional $4,000 for the added utility of a crossover? Erickson seems to think so. He thinks the added utility in the Model Y makes it the obvious choice as the best Tesla made to date.

Check out the video and let us know your thoughts. Is the Model Y going to be the new king of the Tesla lineup, or will the Model 3 hold off the initial wave of reservation holders and maintain the Tesla top sales crown? Well, at least until the Cybertruck hits the streets…

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