Is Tesla Sparing Model 3s From Its Unsupported Vehicle Policy?

This Rich Rebuilds video says this is why he owes Tesla a sarcastic apology.

The latest video from the Rich Rebuilds YouTube channel brought us two things we thought were impossible. The first one was Rich Benoit testing a Model 3. It was not any Model 3, mind you: it was a Performance unit, and he was honestly impressed with it. The second was an apology to Tesla based on something we also did not expect. According to Benoit, no salvage Model 3 was affected by Tesla’s new Unsupported Vehicle Policy. Is this possible?

According to Benoit, it is. He helped build one with the Electrified Garage, and that unit still supercharges. There are other salvage Model 3 units he knows, and all of them still supercharge as well.

That made us wonder if that was not a scaled deactivation of supercharging and fast charging. It could have started with Model S and Model X vehicles and is yet to hit the Model 3, but what would be the difficulty in doing it all at once? Benoit believes they were spared on purpose. This is precisely why he apologizes – in a sarcastic way.

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The youtuber says he thought Tesla was doing it for safety concerns, as the company officially states, but that it really made it for the money. Tesla seems to be on a battle to make more money by all means, as we wrote a while ago.