In Tesla's Defense, Fan Wildly Claims Company Sells Prototype Cars

Are all Tesla vehicles in beta testing, like Autopilot and Smart Summon?

Tesla’s quality issues keep emerging almost as fast as the company is selling new cars. That also raises complaints, but a Tesla fan has had enough of it. In a post at the Tesla Owners Worldwide Facebook group, he tried to clarify that by claiming Tesla does not sell production cars: it sells prototypes. Does that mean all Tesla vehicles are in beta testing, just like Autopilot? Weirdly, that hypothesis makes somea lot of sense.

Balázs Fürjesi wrote that “many of you bought Tesla just because it is fancy and you want to be trendy, but you are lazy enough to not read about these cars.” A little further, he presents his hypothesis that “this is a prototype, believe it or not, until many of these cars reach 1 million km.”