‘I’m a mechanic and there is one country you should never buy a car from’

A mechanic has revealed the one country he’d never buy a car from because they are a “nightmare” and “fail regularly”.

Richard Lowe, who runs Swallow Garage, in Hockley, Birmingham, said in his opinion our French neighbours make the worst cars.

And despite buying and owning German cars for years himself, Richard said the country’s reputation for quality engineering and reliability was not what it once was.

Japan was his pick for pole position for car manufacturers globally, with makes like Toyota and Honda being reliable and having available parts, he said.

Richard, who regularly works to repair cars made by our Gallic cousins, said it was easy to choose which country made the worst vehicles.

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He said: “French cars, Peugeots and Citroens, because they are such a miss-match of parts that fail regularly.

“They are the kind of cars, say somebody was paying for it for you as a company car, it would be absolutely beautiful for the first few years.

“But as soon as the vehicle becomes your responsibility everything goes wrong. They are a nightmare.”

Richard said he would like to say Germany was his favourite country to source cars from, but he said in reality he would look elsewhere.

He continued: “If I was buying a car purely on reliability I would buy a Japanese car, Toyota and Honda are still the best manufacturers in the world.

“Everyone will have a different opinion, but nobody will argue against Japan being the best.

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“Germany was at one stage the best, but for example BMW, used to be a luxury vehicle, it’s now a mainstream vehicle.

“When I was a kid people who had BMWs were posh people, but with the onslaught of everyone having one also the quality went down.”

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It is the biggest ever car investment in the UK and the factory will be one of the largest of its kind in Europe. The location of the site, which will see car batteries manufactured, has not been officially confirmed by Tata but is understood to be at the 616-acre Gravity business park near Bridgwater, SomersetLive reports.

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