‘I’m a mechanic – adding something to your fuel doubles the life of your car’

The motor mechanic Scotty Kilmer has advised drivers on when to use fuel additives in their car, stating that it can help to fix some issues to prolong the life of vehicles.

The automotive influencer has worked on cars for over 55 years and now posts videos to his popular YouTube page, advising viewers on motoring faults and cars to avoid.

In a recent video, Scotty repairs a fault on a worn-out 2005 Pontiac Bonneville, stating that using a fuel additive can help the car start better.

He explains: “Now they [the owner] has a problem that sometimes it doesn’t start all that well, but there’s no [fault] codes, there’s no problems. That’s often old age, so when they leave I often give them a bottle of Bernie’s fuel cleaner to put in the gas tank.

“And that cleaner may fix the whole problem, it’s probably because it doesn’t get enough fuel when it’s cold, and Bernie’s cleaner will work that quite well, and if that doesn’t fix it, it would be time for a new fuel pump.”

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Whilst there are many different types of fuel additive on the market, the majority are used to clean the engine and fuel lines in the car.

Running a car on low-grade fuels can lead to deposits building up within parts of the engine, which may lead to reliability issues.

The additives will break down the deposits, meaning more fuel can flow through and improving the way the engine runs, particularly when starting or driving in cold weather.

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In the video, Scotty adds the additive to the Pontiac to help alleviate the issues faced by the owner when they try to start their car.

He added: “We put the little funnel in, break a little hole in it [top of the bottle], and away we go. Now, it smells like turpentine but it sure works!

“And that’s it, give it 200 to 300 miles and see what happens. If it stops stalling, great, it fixed it.”

However, fuel additives can also be used to save money in the long run as it ensures that all of the fuel drivers put into the tank is used effectively.

Not only does using an additive reduce a motorist’s risk of expensive repair bills from a mechanic, it can also improve fuel economy.

Nevertheless, many experts warn drivers to only put the right type of fuel additive into their car, otherwise they may have to get the fuel system drained completely.

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