‘I’m a lawyer – Millions of motorists risk legal issues with fake number plates’

Driver's warning after fake number plate appears on her car

Millions of motorists are “foolish” and risking severe penalties for using doctored number plates to avoid ULEZ fines and speeding penalties.

Motoring lawyer Nick Freeman, known as Mr Loophole, has stressed motorists caught trying to dodge the law by hiding their registration number could be dealt with very seriously.

It comes after a police report discovered as many as two million drivers may be trying to evade speed cameras.

An investigation by former surveillance camera commissioner Tony Porter, found that six percent of cars had some form of ANPR-defeating material on their vehicles.

Mr Freeman told GB News: “Illegal. If you tamper with your number plate in any respect to try and avoid the consequences of going through a camera… If you’re caught you will be interviewed, you will be charged and you can expect a custodial sentence.”

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He added: “I think people don’t realise how serious number plate tampering or being dishonest in relation to simple matters such as who is driving is.

“The courts deal with it very strictly because we are reliant on robotical policing now. The public are expected to go along with it.

“In my view obviously it would be foolish to tamper with a number plate because they are going to land themselves in very deep water.”

According to the Telegraph, Government advisers have suggested that controls over the sale of fake number plates were too relaxed.

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There is concern that more road users in Outer London may try and get away with defacing their plates to avoid strict £12.50 per day ULEZ fees.

Mr Porter has demanded a range of new powers to act as a crackdown on those breaking the rules.

He wants all businesses that sell number plates to follow a strict new certification system.

Meanwhile, he has also called for an increase in fines and new security features inside plates to easily identify fake designs.

Mr Porter made his feelings clear on the issue in a letter to Home Secretary Suella Braverman.

According to the Telegraph, the letter said: “The current regime in this country renders the unlawful manufacture and use of number plates and the fitting of number plates which are unreadable to the ANPR system, a relatively easy undertaking with little risk of such an act being detected by the relevant authorities.

“This problem is growing, as is borne out by current police experience.”

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