Iberdrola To Install 150,000 Charging Points In Spain

“Iberdrola has accelerated its electric mobility plans with more ambitious investments and a focus on rapid charging”

Spanish electric utility company – Iberdrola, announced a huge €150 million ($168 million) investment in charging infrastructure in Spain.

The company intends to install 150,000 charging points (AC and DC) – in households, companies and on public highways (urban and interurban) – over the next five years, including:

“The new sustainable mobility plan entails installing around 150,000 electric vehicle charging points – six times the number in the original plan – in homes, companies and public highways in cities as well as the main motorways and highways over the next five years.

The availability of these infrastructures on public roads is essential to meet demand for charging points, to cater for the demand foreseen and to cover Spain’s main road and motorway network.”

That’s the biggest charging infrastructure program in Spain ever, which might be a great sign for EV sales in the future. Iberdrola’s previous target was 25,000 points by 2021.

The company already installed some 5,000 charging points, including 400 DC chargers, but it will be just a small fraction of the network in 2025.

“So far, Iberdrola has installed 5,000 electric charging points nationwide. Around 400 of these are rapid charging points on roads and motorways. The company has almost 1,600 charging stations in different stages of development, more than 300 of which are about to go into service.

During the first 18 months of Iberdrola’s mobility plan it signed more than 30 agreements to roll out the infrastructure with the main players in the mobility market which include government agencies and institutions, companies, service stations, dealerships and electric vehicle dealerships.”

Iberdrola’s Public Charging App currently includes some more than 3,000 charging sites available publicly (operated by Iberdrola or third-party operators).

“The digital app, which enables drivers to locate, book a charging point managed by Iberdrola and pay through the mobile – whether or not you are an electricity customer . It is the only one that includes all available charging points in Spain, whether managed by Iberdrola or another mobility operator.

To upgrade the first public charging app in Spain, Iberdrola spent months geolocating all existing charging stations on Spain’s public highways, checking that they exist and are operational.

It will continue to update the map with new additions to the electric charging station network as they come online, whether operated by Iberdrola or by third parties.”

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