‘I had no idea!’ Driver shocked to find secret compartment in car door – ‘Who knew?’

TikTok user shares amazing car hack

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The little-known fact was posted to TikTok where millions of drivers shared their shock of not knowing of a tiny hole at the bottom of the door. In the video, a small plug at the bottom of the car door is removed and water comes gushing out.

The video, which has since attracted more than 22 million views, was captioned: “What!! Who knew to do this?”

A voiceover says: “Please drain your doors. Drain your doors people, come on.”

Along with the video, the TikTok user bourntocreate, said: “This is my sister’s car that sounds like it had water in it. I had no idea! Thanks for the tip.”

Most commenters were taken by surprise by the car hack, taking to the comments to see if it was real.

One said: “Can’t tell if this is for real or y’all are playing along.

Although another replied: “It’s very real, also need to drain your chassis rails sometimes.”

A third user wrote: “I swear I learn something new every day!”

There was some debate in the comments over whether this was water, and what it was instead.

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One commenter claimed: “I have been a mechanic for 15 years and this isn’t water, it’s window lubricant, do not do this!!”

Others questioned whether this was true, while others tried to see if their car had the same hole on their car door.

The so-called drain holes are real, however, and come in very handy when it rains.

Water can get past window seals and inside the doors when it’s raining or when they wash their car.

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The water is supposed to exit through drain holes at the bottom.

Occasionally, the holes at the bottom of the doors can get clogged up over time due to dirt or gravel and debris from the road.

Most drain holes can be found at the bottom of doors, although they can also be found in other locations.

Many vehicles will have drain panels in the rocker panels and rear quarter panels, both of which are located near the doors.

Vehicles can also have drain holes situated beneath the windshield and near the boot to keep water from collecting in these areas, according to Cars.com.

Drivers can see if their car might have a blockage by running a hose over certain parts of their car.

When spraying the windshield, boot and doors, motorists should check if the water is draining correctly.

If it is collecting or draining slowly, there may be a blockage.

These can be cleared relatively easily, with the high pressure sprays at a car wash, or even a regular garden hose can remove the debris.

If this doesn’t work, drivers can ask to have the drain holes cleared when they next take their vehicle for a service.

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