Hummer Electric Pickup Truck Rendering Goes Old School

Is this what the reborn HumVee pickup truck will look like?

Hummer lived a short but bright life through the aughts as a macho SUV with bling to spare and fuel mileage to lament. Soaring gasoline prices in the latter half of the decade became the Hummer’s death knell, with a bankrupt General Motors ultimately shuttering the brand in 2010 after two failed attempts to sell it outright. Perhaps that was a good omen, as it paved the way for Hummer to make a triumphant return earlier this year, still part of the GM family.

It’s not the same as it was, but this new rendering from CarLifestyle on Instagram does embrace a properly retro look. Whereas our exclusive rendering used a GMC Sierra as the basis for the new EV truck, this creation looks very much like the Hummer of old with its narrow windows and chunky proportions. It’s certainly distinctive and befitting of the classic Hummer style, but with it now a model in the GMC lineup, could the look be a bit too far removed from other GMC products?

That’s an interesting question to ponder, because under the skin it will most definitely be removed from other GMC products. The reborn Hummer will be GM’s first all-electric pickup truck, utilizing up to three electric motors in a platform that’s designed from the ground up to be powered by electricity. In its top performance trim, GM says it will boast 1,000 horsepower (745 kilowatts) and reach 60 mph in just three seconds. Compared to the gas-guzzling monster Hummers of old, this new version is about as far removed from its origins as you can get.

We still don’t know if the styling will be fresh or retro. GM dropped its first Hummer teaser during this year’s Super Bowl showing a bold grille that clearly was inspired by the original SUV, so retro could be in the cards. We will find out for sure later this year, when the truck is revealed on May 20.

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