How Volkswagen Plans To Sell More Electric Cars Than Tesla

VW could surely outsell Tesla, but will it?

Volkswagen’s massive electric car offensive aims to outsell Tesla and there are ways in which VW intends to do this. Find out how VW intends to outsell Tesla in this video presented here.

There’s no denying the fact that VW has its future sights set on electric car. To date, no other automaker has shown such a high level of commitment to even outside of Tesla, yet Volkswagen still doesn’t have a dedicated electric car available to buy today, so looking into the future and predicting sales are rather near impossible.

However, VW has announced that it intends to sell 28 million all-electric cars by 2028 and that’s a very ambitious figure. We don’t doubt that VW could sell that many EVs (in fact, we hope it does and even sells more), but there’s just no track record of VW selling EVs in massive volumes to go by, so we really must wait to see what the future brings.

VW does intend to compete with Tesla in several segments. The upcoming VW ID.3 will basically be head-on competition for the Tesla Model 3. The next model, called the ID.4, will go up against the Tesla Model Y.

There’s additional intel in the video above, so check it out and then let us know your take in comments. Will VW actually sell more electric cars than Tesla in the future? If so, when?

Video description via Business Insider on YouTube:

Although Tesla reigns as king of the EV market thanks to its Model 3, Volkswagen has a plan in place to outsell them in the next few years.

The automaker has set its sights on becoming a major name in the EV game, investing $37 billion in its electric car program.

Between its production plans, new lineup of plug-in vehicles, and $2 billion marketing plan for emissions-free cars, this car giant could easily be on its way to outselling Elon Musk.

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