How long do electric car batteries last?

Electric cars are charged through the power grid using either a wall socket or an EV (Electric Vehicle) charging point. But one of the biggest questions new or potential EV owners have is about how long the batteries last.

How long do electric car batteries last?

Electric car batteries have come a long way over the last number of years

The length of time a battery lasts is commonly referred to as its ‘range’.

The range of electric cars varies by make and model, so it’s important to check the vehicles specifications.

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AutoTrader say that motorists “can generally expect to travel between 150 and 250 miles in a modern electric car before you need to recharge”.

This is echoed by HippoLeasing, who claim many EVs will offer a standard range of over 200 miles from just a single charge.

Hippo Leasing Managing Director, Tom Preston, said: “Importantly, outside temperature also affect the range of electric cars.

“Owners of electric vehicles can expect larger ranges in the summer because lithium-ion batteries are very temperature sensitive and can become sluggish when the mercury drops.”

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Electric vehicles often include energy-saving features to help prolong the battery’s charge.

One example of this is ‘idling’, which is when the car switches off to avoid wasting energy.

Another is ‘regenerative braking’, which means the battery charges when the brakes are used.

The lifespan of an electric car battery varies depending on the manufacturer but most typically last for at least 10 years.

AutoTrader have provided some tips on their website to prolong your battery’s lifespan.

They say: “Keep an even temperature – extreme hot or cold can negatively affect the battery’s range and its lifespan.

“Don’t rely on fast chargers – they’re fine to use when needed, but a slow charge is better for your battery in the long term.

“Avoid charging your car straight after a long drive – give the batteries chance to cool down first.”

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