HOT ROD Power Tour 2022: On the Road to Atlanta Photo Gallery

If we could describe this trip in one word, it would be steamy! Unseasonably hot temperatures accompanied us throughout the week, with temperatures at or above 100 degrees with enough humidity in the air, you could wring it out. HOT ROD Power Tour participants are a tough breed, however, and we toughed it out over our weeklong journey, which ends today in Atlanta, Georgia.


Since the start of our journey in Memphis on Monday, our route has taken us through Nashville, Birmingham, and Pensacola as the major destinations, but some of the real gems of the trip lay in the small communities like Saginaw, Alabama, and Linden, Tennessee.

Check out this gallery of pictures from the road, and stay tuned for more coverage as the HOT ROD Power Tour draws to a conclusion in Atlanta. Be sure to also check out our social media feeds for lots of videos and behind-the-scenes pictures from HOT ROD Power Tour 2022.

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Photos By Wes Allison, Heidi Elzas, and  John McGann

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