Honda S2000 20th Anniversary accessories revealed

Remember the rather lovely Honda S2000 20th Anniversary Prototype that was put on display at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon? Well, if you’re hoping to buy some of the parts fitted to the show car, we have some good news. Honda Access (a.k.a. Modulo) has announced that it will be offering a 20th Anniversary range of original accessories for the model, which will go on sale on June 26 this year.

Unfortunately, this will only happen in Japan, you’ll only up to February 19, 2021 to place your order, and some of the items will offered in limited numbers. Nonetheless, if you’re a lucky owner of an S2000, here’s your chance to get some new parts for your roadster. Keep in mind as these parts are made to order, it’ll take about four months from the date of order to delivery within Japan.

So, what does the catalogue include? For the exterior, there’s a newly-developed front aero bumper that has a visibly more aggressive (and wider) intake compared to the stock bumper. This part will cost you 96,800 yen (RM3,662) including the 10% consumption tax, and adds another 24 mm to the overall vehicle length.

Next up, there’s a duck tail-type spoiler for the trunk lid for 46,200 yen (RM1,748) and rear strakes for 33,000 yen (RM1,248), both of which are reissued accessories that were originally available for the S2000. All these body components are supplied unpainted but primed, so you’ll still need to factor in painting and installation costs.

Moving inside, there’s a special audio lid bearing the S2000 20th Anniversary logo that is priced at 8,800 yen (RM333), which is limited to just 2,000 units. For more branded items, there’s a set of floor mats with dedicated plaques, available in a choice of black or red for 30,800 yen (RM1,165). Honda Access is so selling LED foot lights if you want your feet to be illuminated with the doors open for 13,200 yen (RM500).

For something more substantial, there’s a set of sports suspension that drops the ride height by 10 mm and provides drivers with five stages of front damping via an adjustment knob on the front dampers. This is by far the most expensive item on the menu at 170,500 yen (RM6,454), and only 500 sets will be available. Less rare is a branded half body cover for 18,700 yen (RM707) to make sure the interior of your prized possession is protected from the elements.

All these parts are available for both AP1 and AP2 versions of the S2000, with the exception of the bumper, sports suspension and audio lid that are not compatible with the AP1. It’s 2020 and we’re getting new parts for a car that is effectively just over 20 years old, what a time to be alive.

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