Honda and General Motors to jointly develop EVs

General Motors will work together with Honda to develop two new electric vehicles for the Japanese carmaker, which will go on sale in North America by the 2024 model year and be built at GM’s plants in the region.

This isn’t the first time the companies have collaborated, as both companies have teamed up to develop fuel cell technology as well as the Cruise Origin, an autonomous driving vehicle. Honda also joined GM’s battery module development efforts in 2018 and its V6 engine made its way into the GM-engineered Saturn Vue previously.

In this latest joint development, Honda will provide its input to ensure that the platform used for the two new EVs are engineered to support the brand’s driving character. Additionally, the exteriors and interiors of the cars will be done by Honda for some degree of consistency with the rest of its product line-up.

This announcement comes after GM revealed its new Ultium battery technology and modular EV platform earlier in March, which will be used in the new Honda EVs. The platform is adaptable for various vehicle tyres and allows for front-, rear-, and all-wheel drive, while the Ultium batteries use low-cobalt chemistry, and the cells are stackable, either vertically or horizontally, to optimize energy storage.

The joint agreement promotes an expanded economy of scale, with GM being able to offset battery and platform development costs, and by helping Honda assemble the EVs, it can streamline production. Meanwhile, Honda will be able to quicken the introduction of its own long-distance EVs. This partnership could even be extended further, said Honda.

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