Hofele Design Makes Mercedes-Benz EQC Stand Out More

This kit makes the EQC look more like a traditional Mercedes and the interior is really bold.

Mercedes-Benz will differentiate all the models in its EQ lineup of electric cars by giving them a distinct futuristic twist. However, this may not be to everybody’s taste, which is why this kit by Hofele Design for the EQC comes in to correct that, for those who are interested.

The automaker went to great lengths to differentiate the EQC from the standard GLC and this kit makes that difference less obvious. What Hofele has done is change the grille for one that is much closer in style to what you would see on an SUV with an internal-combustion engine. It also added a gloss black element to the AMG pack bumper to complete the front end makeover.

In the rear of the EQC, the changes are kept to a minimum. All we could spot is the subtle gloss black diffuser and the new badges. Hofele offers two styles of wheel for the EQC, both of which suit the car’s visual style really well; it would be hard to choose the set that we like more.

Now while the exterior makeover is subdued yet changes the way the EQC is perceived, inside they completely abandoned subtlety. It is dominated by the new diamond-stitched perforated red leather upholstery and the black suede headliner. There are also new illuminated sill guards with the Hofele logo to complete the look.

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No word on any performance upgrades, though, and we suspect the company behind the kit hasn’t changed the EQC’s powertrain in any way. Brabus, on the other hand, will offer its own kit for the all-electric SUV and it comes with a small power and big torque bump.

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