Here’s Why The VW Golf GTE PHEV Hot Hatch Won’t Come To America

Volkswagen’s reasoning is simple: such a model would not be a big enough seller to justify bringing it over.

If you were hoping to buy the new Volkswagen Golf GTE plug-in hybrid hot hatch in the United States, you will have to rethink your choice because it’s apparently not going to cross the Pond. Autoblog reports that the odds of seeing the GTE on sale in the U.S. are very slim – not completely out of the question, but very unlikely to actually happen.

VW will focus on the Golf GTI and Golf R for the North American market, but according to Megan Closset, the product manager for the Golf in the U.S. suggested that it’s not completely out of the question. She said

‘ For the time being, there is no GTE planned for the United States. I don’t think it’s ever safe to say something is 100% ruled out, but at this time our focus is towards the Golf GTI and the Golf R, and then figuring out where electric performance variants fit in. ‘

Apparently, the main limiting factor would be cost, since plug-in hybrids are more expensive than the regular non-plug-ins that are so common in the States now. Volkswagen is still planning to bring high performance full-EVs to America, though; Closset suggested that VW is

‘ always looking at business cases, what makes sense for the market, and what makes sense for our portfolio,” Closset said. “We have a lot of exciting electric vehicles coming out, and the portfolio team will be looking at our strategy in the future. Does it make sense to have high-performance variants of these EVs? ‘

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