Hankook Winter i*cept RS2 review

Sharp responses meant the Hankook Winter i*cept RS2 impressed on the dry handling track, but efficiency could be better

As we saw in our summer tyre test, Hankook is not afraid to do more than just tweak a tyre’s performance, because the latest version of the S1 Evo3 swept to the Korean producer’s first win. 

The i*cept RS2 has been up and down our leaderboard, but this result backs up last year’s second place, when it regained the form it lost in 2019. Of the three vying for the final podium, the Hankook is the one to have in the snow, taking the best of the rest role behind our top two. 

It was also the best choice of the trio in the dry by a clear margin. There were sharp steering and low slip levels, making it easy to find the line and get on the throttle early. 

Its advantage was lost in the wet, where it was narrowly beaten by the Michelin across the tests. Good handling and cornering results were offset by relatively poor deep-water tests, with a last place in longitudinal aquaplaning. It was at home on the handling track, where it pulled the car through the turns. Good balance helped it to a second-place finish. This all came at the expense of fuel economy, which stopped it challenging our top two.

We say:

Another sound performance from Hankook which seems to have got the performance balance for the RS2 right now, with only fuel economy being a concern.

Blackcircles.com says…

Motorists who ordered this tyre have left mostly positive reviews – with feedback highlighting the tyre’s performance on snow, plus improved comfort and good fuel economy.

Hankook Winter i*cept RS2    
Overall: 97.20%  
Price: £102.93  
Snow braking: 99.60% 3rd
Snow traction: 97.50% 4th
Straight aquaplaning: 94.50% 8th
Curved aquaplaning: 87.10% 5th
Wet braking: 91.00% 5th
Wet handling: 99.60% 2nd
Wet circle: 97.80% 3rd
Dry braking: 95.30% 4th
Dry handling: 99.30% 2nd
Rolling resistance: 81.70% 6th
Cabin noise: 97.70% 7th

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