Half-Scale Tesla Cybertruck From The Hacksmith Is Ready For Tug-Of-War

But what we really want to see is the mini-Cybertruck tow a Ford F-150.

If you do not pay careful attention to the last seconds of this video, you’ll probably miss the scene of an apparent tug-of-war. It has been already shot by The Hacksmith YouTube channel putting a Ford F-150 against the half-scale Tesla Cybertruck these guys have finally build. Sadly, the video will be published in a few days. The one above just shows how the small electric pickup truck was finished.

Gallery: The Hacksmith Finally Finishes Half-Scale Tesla Cybertruck

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If you expect a tug-of-war, forget it. The small electric pickup truck would not stand a chance against a more massive automobile. That is why the promise was to see the mini-Cybertruck tow the Ford F-150, but we cannot say the same about the smaller vehicles that appear on the video as well.

The guys from The Hacksmith believe this is the most polished project they have ever made. We are not familiar with their other projects, but the mini-Cybertruck has so many details we are only missing real doors – which would be useless for getting in – and the cameras working as rear-view mirrors.