Gymkhana 2020 premieres starring Travis Pastrana, plenty of crazy stunts and a 862 hp Subaru WRX STI –

The eleventh edition of the Gymkhana series has made its premiere on YouTube, with Travis Pastrana giving us a tour of his hometown of Annapolis, Maryland in a souped-up Subaru WRX STI that makes 862 hp and 900 Nm of torque.

As with previous instalments of the series, Gymkhana 2020 is choked full of action sequences, with the opening act seeing Pastrana jumping over a Hoonigan speedboat. He then proceeds to perform a series of controlled drifts while punting footballs before laying down some rubber donuts with another Subaru, the 2022 BRZ.

The film then moves on to more drifting sequences around a shipyard, including a highly dangerous stunt where Pastrana hangs a wheel over the edge of a pier. Following this, the racing driver heads to the airport for another stunt with a plane, before racing off to Pastranaland at speeds of over 241 km/h (150 mph), with a huge jump along the way.

Gymkhana 2020 is the first in the series not to feature Hoonigan regular Ken Block and pre-dominantly Fords, but it still has all the big slides and tyre destruction the series is famous for. Pastrana’s signature style and action sports background mean this instalment features bigger jumps – and more raw speed – than any before it.

“Making my first Gymkhana video has been an incredible experience!” said Pastrana. “I’m so thrilled to finally have the chance to do it, especially in my hometown, so I could bring these ideas I’ve had for years to life. Plus, Subaru built me the perfect STI for it. It’s unbelievable how much power and grip this thing has, and it took all the punishment I could throw at it!” he added.

As for the car, it is based on a stock WRX STI, but heavily modified to be over 363 kg lighter thanks to carbon-fibre body panels. No shortage of crazy aero too, including a DRS-style active rear wing to adjust the car midair for the video’s jump stunts.

The noises you hear are from the Advan A052 tyres being tortured as well as the 2.3 litre boxer engine that boasts a custom billet block and heads, paired with 50 PSI of max boost and an 8,000-rpm rev limit. Meanwhile, the long-travel suspension, built with a huge range of adjustability to execute high-speed jump takeoffs and landings as well as super-precise proximity drifts, draws on decades of Subaru success in rally.

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