France Now Has Almost 30,000 Public Charging Points Available

A quick increase in plug-in electric car sales in France outpaces the expansion of the charging infrastructure

France is gradually expanding its charging infrastructure towards achieving the milestone of 30,000 public charging points – as of March 2020, the number is 29,578 (up 15% compared to a year ago).

With some 240,000 all-electric vehicles registered in the country, on average eight vehicles fall on a single charging point (it was 7.4 previously). Including some 65,000 PHEVs, the ratio is 11 vehicles per single charging point.

In other words, the plug-in car sales surge seen in January and February has significantly outpaced the rate of new charging point installation.

The most popular charging point type is three-phase 22 kW. DC chargers, stand for 1,776 or several percent of all.

Charging points stats as of the March 2020:

  • Power range of 11 kW or less: 7,649 (25.9% of all)
  • Power range above 11 kW but less than 50 kW: 20,149 (68.1% of all)
  • Power range of at least 50 kW: 1,780 (6.0% of all)
  • Total: 29,578

Details (in French):

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