Formula 1 postpones new technical rules to 2022

With the recent announcement of the postponement of the Dutch and Spanish Grands Prix and the cancellation of the Monaco race, it’s looking to be a very short 2020 season for Formula 1. To mitigate the financial effects on teams in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) announced that the sweeping new regulations promised for next year would be pushed back to 2022.

This decision, made during a conference call with stakeholders on Thursday, means that the current technical rules will be carried over to 2021, allowing teams to use their 2020 chassis for 2021. This will help ease their burden, particularly as the organisation expects fewer races to be held this year, which would directly affect the teams’ income this season.

However, the overhaul of financial regulations will continue to be carried out as planned, with a budget cap of US$175 million (RM771.3 million) to take effect in 2021. This means that the 2022 cars will be built to the new regulations under this cap, which F1 hopes will level the playing field, end the financial gap between teams and have a positive impact on the quality of on-track racing.

The new technical regulations were also meant to promote closer racing, with dramatically reshaped cars, simpler wings and the greater use of ground effect aerodynamics expected to reduce the turbulence coming off the back (and, in turn, the reduction of downforce on cars following behind). The series will also move to 18-inch wheels (currently 13-inch) with aero covers and lower-profile tyres.

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