Ford To Replace Bronco Hardtops With Quality Issues For Upset Owners

Ford plans to replace all of the molded-in color hardtops.

The hiccups that have delayed the Ford Bronco from entering production haven’t stopped now that the off-roader is finally rolling off the assembly line. Quality issues with some of the Bronco’s molded-in color hardtops, the only hardtop type available right now, have caused Ford to inform customers that it will replace all of them. However, building and installing the replacement roofs means Ford has to delay some production yet again.

Ford said in a letter to customers posted to that it would need to replace all existing roofs before producing any new hardtop two- or four-door Broncos, which the automaker confirmed with That explains the thousands of SUVs spotted earlier this week sitting near the Michigan Assembly Plant. Ford doesn’t expect the new roofs to be available until October, which muddles the model’s production timeline. Customers with a scheduled production date will have to wait until October for an update about timing, and those who didn’t order the First Edition model won’t receive the 2021 model year SUV. Instead, they will receive a 2022 one. 

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Customers who have already taken delivery will be notified the first when the new roofs become available later this year. Those with Bronco build dates already passed will have to wait until Ford fixes them before delivering them to dealers. Customers without their Bronco order scheduled for production, who don’t want to wait, can switch to a soft top without losing their place in the production line, though supply constraints are making it hard for Ford to meet the production demand for Broncos equipped with the Wildtrack trim, Sasquatch package, Lux package, the 2.7-liter V6 engine, and more.

Owners began flocking to forums shortly after deliveries began last month to complain about roof appearance problems and other related issues. Ford says there are no safety issues with the top, though extreme water and humanity could cause an unsatisfactory appearance. This development is quite disappointing as Ford had previously asked waiting Bronco customers to switch to the molded-in color hardtop who didn’t want to wait for the other hardtop options that were delayed earlier this year. The problems keep piling up for Bronco customers, and Ford is doing all it can to deliver the much-desired product.



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