Ford Ranger Loses Features In Australia, Customers Take Notice

Buyers are pretty annoyed.

The Ford Ranger is a very important model in Australia. Apart from being designed and engineered there, the Blue Oval midsize truck has been consistently at the top of the sales chart year after year. In fact, the Ranger is still ranking second in Australia’s July 2021 pickup or ute sales chart, just behind the Toyota Hilux.

Part of its appeal is the nameplate’s consistent update within its decade-long existence, which kept it fresh for its patrons in the Land Down Under. However, as the truck’s next life cycle is about to arrive, it looks like Ford is starting to remove novelty features to curb cost. Worse, customers took notice, CarAdvice reports.

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According to the publication, they have been contacted by owners who noticed the omissions of such “small luxuries,” which include an extendable arm on the sun visor to block side glare, illuminated vanity mirrors, and a plastic pocket under the rear seat.

CarAdvice said that the showroom brochures have been updated with the changes but as one customer pointed out, “who goes into that level of detail when you already know the car?”

The changes aren’t life-changing, but customers are annoyed about it, as seen in statements gathered by CarAdvice.

Ford is about to retire the T6 platform and give the Ranger a much-awaited major revamp. We’ve seen several prototypes in spy shots to prove that, plus it’s really about time that the midsize truck gets a proper update.

That said, those who are eyeing to buy the Blue Oval pickup soon can either accept the fact that Ford has removed some small luxuries or just wait for the next-generation model that’s about to be revealed soon.

How soon? CarAdvice said that the next Ford Ranger will arrive in Australian showrooms early in 2022, with a debut happening later this year.



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