Ford Mustang Mach-E Spied Leaving GM’s Proving Ground

Automakers spend big bucks to bring a car to market, and that includes dissecting their competitors’ offerings. It’s not surprising to see rival makes and models testing alongside one another, though it is rare to see them in public. New photos have captured a lonely Ford Mustang Mach-E leaving General Motors’ Milford Proving Ground, and its presence shouldn’t raise too many eyebrows.

The pics come from GM Authority – check out the full photoset here – and it shows a white Mach-E loaded with testing equipment and yellow masking tape. According to the publication, a white sticker on the crossover’s rear bumper identifies it as an internal benchmarking vehicle. However, the photos fail to answer why GM would even be testing such a vehicle. Is it readying a direct competitor? As cool as that would be, we wouldn’t place a bet on that happening just yet.

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GM has big plans for the next decade as it shifts toward fully electric vehicles, and the electrified lineup includes a variety of vehicle types, including crossovers that could compete in the same segment as the Mustang Mach-E. GM’s variants might not have as ionic of a nameplate behind the vehicle, though the new Ford is selling well enough to make it a formidable competitor for newcomers that automakers would like to dethrone.

The automaker’s electrification efforts are about to ramp up as the GMC Hummer EV first hits the road sometime this month. Cadillac has the Lyriq coming while we get our first look at the all-electric Chevy Silverado early next month. The company wants to reach more than 1 million EV sales by 2025 – and GM won’t achieve that with just a few trucks and a luxury crossover. GM will have to have a lineup of models that appeal to a broad customer base, and customers love their crossovers right now.

Source: GM Authority

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