Ford F-150 Electric Pickup Truck To Feature Massive Front Light Bar

That’s what a teaser revealed at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center announcement ceremony.

When we told you the new details Ford shared about the electric version of the Ford F-150, we mentioned how that could be good and bad for the new electric pickup truck. The good part is that it will appeal to traditional buyers of the F-150. The bad one is that it might not fully seize the fact that it is electric. Despite being based on the combustion-engined version, Ford will try to give a unique look, as the teaser above reveals.

The company presented that teaser at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center announcement ceremony when it confirmed the $700 million investment in the battery pack production facility. As its name confirms, it will be part of the Rouge Center manufacturing complex.

The massive front light bar the teaser presents seems to be more than just an extension of the DRLs the new Ford F-150 presents. To make that easier to visualize, compare the new teaser with the teaser for the new pickup truck.

As you can see, the F-150 EV (let’s call it like that while Ford decides how to name it) has a thicker light bar. It also does not seem to present the lower and smaller DRL the regular pickup truck has. The body looks unchanged, which shows the electric version of the F-150 may seek its own personality in design elements that are easy – and cheap – to modify, such as plastic components. Have a look at another image comparison below.

Did you notice that the headlights look smaller in the F-150 EV? That may be just an impression, but the images show Ford may have made the headlights narrower to make room for the thicker light bar. We also have the feeling that the front grille – which is not necessary for an EV – will have straight lines both above and below instead of the octogonal shape the regular truck presents. The grille will also be closed, presenting a pattern with tiny triangles that reminds us of the diamond standard some luxury seats adopt.

Will the F-150 present any other visual differences to make it stand out of the combustion-engined F-150? Will it try to make a case solely with this unique front end and with its 40-percent lower ownership costs? It would be lovely if Ford could present the F-150 EV before 2022, but the company is probably the most interested party in making that happen.

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