Flatbed Truck Tailgates Tesla Model 3, Runs Red Light In Oncoming Lane

It seems this flatbed truck driver was in a huge hurry. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

One of our avid readers from the UK recently reached out to us to share some brief dashcam (TeslaCam) footage from their Tesla Model 3.

As you can see, the driver of the flatbed truck appears to be in a hurry. He’s driving pretty close to the rear of the Tesla despite the fact that the forward-facing camera shows traffic ahead. The traffic is slowing since there’s a curve followed by an intersection ahead. Plus, a vehicle is slowing down to turn as the light changes to yellow.

Some may say the truck isn’t tailgating or following that close, but remember, it should be several truck lengths back. In addition, a large and heavy truck like this is not going to be able to stop very quickly. On the flip side, the Model 3 driver is managing to slow down and keep quite a bit of space between it and the vehicle ahead.

In the meantime, the truck passes in the oncoming lane, right at the curving area and prior to the intersection. The light clearly turns red before the truck even enters the intersection, but it proceeds through at speed. This type of situation reminds us that you should always hesitate and look around an intersection before proceeding, even after the light turns green.

We’ve included the individual videos below to give you a better view. 

Video Description via Chris Tann:

My friend and I were on the way back from visiting Ford’s ‘Go Electric’ event at Marble Arch in London. My friend was looking at the new electric Mustang.

When we were finished, we were picked up by my wife in our Model 3 Performance from a local train station. The flatbed truck/van was driving quite close/ tailgating much of the way back to drop my friend off at his home in Brentwood, Essex. We also had my 3-week old son in the car with us.

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