Fisker Unveils The Ocean's Military-Suited Force E Package

Built for rescue operations. That is, if it does get built…

Looking for an extreme off-road electric vehicle that’s built tough enough for military use? No, we’re not talking about the Tesla Cybertruck, either. Today, Fisker announced that they will be making a version of their upcoming Ocean SUV that’s suited for off-road rescue and military applications. 

Fisker is calling it the Force E (Force Electric) package for the Ocean, and it seems that it will be targeted for rescue vehicles, military personnel movements on military bases, police vehicles, municipalities, and international organizations (think the UN or Red Cross).

The Force E will be offered as an aftermarket package, and Fisker promises that more details will be forthcoming in 2021 when Fisker will introduce a working prototype of the Force E. It will only be available in all-wheel-drive and will have approximately 300 horsepower.  A higher-performance version is also planned.

Here’s a list of some of the unique features the Force E will have:

  • An upgraded and lifted suspension
  • Off-road spec wheels and tires
  • Extra front lights in the lower bumper
  • Front light protective bar
  • Extra front tow hooks
  • Lower front protective scuff plate
  • Roof rack with integrated lights
  • Rear hatch tool
  • Power plug box
  • Full spare tire integrated in the hood
  • Large drinking water tank
  • A rugged and durable interior

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Will the Force E ever come to fruition? We can’t say for sure. We have heard a lot of talk from the company, including the promise of solid-state batteries, and how the EMotion was going to launch in 2020 with a solid-state pack. However, Fisker is still nearly two years from their target date to begin deliveries of the Ocean electric SUV.

We are, however, cautiously optimistic that the Fisker Ocean will make it to production at the end of 2021 as promised because it really looks like a nice overall package. Fisker states that they have over 22,000 people from 116 countries that have “shown interest” Fisker Ocean, and the majority of their paid reservation holders come from North America.

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