First Mack LR Electric Enters Service In New York City

First demo is underway. Huge orders depend on it.

The first all-electric Mack LR Electric refuse truck has entered service with the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY).

It’s not yet a production model (production to start in 2021), but rigorous, real-world trials to demonstrate the capabilities of the EV version.

“DSNY will base the Mack LR Electric demonstration model at its Brooklyn North 1 garage and conduct an in-service trial on local collection routes, evaluating operating range, payload capacity, regenerative braking and overall functionality of the electric refuse vehicle in their operations.”

A lot depends on the results, as the DSNY operates more than 6,000 vehicles and most of them are from Mack Trucks. Potentially successful tests might translate into a major purchase order.