Ferrari continues factory operations despite lockdown

Ferrari has confirmed that its operations in the Maranello factory will continue despite the Italian government’s strict quarantine measures. A new law has been enacted in areas most affected by the Covid-19 virus, but the law doesn’t prohibit individuals from working.

In a statement, the automaker claims to have activated all necessary measures to allow its employees to work in “the best possible conditions,” although this continuity is subject to its supply chain.

According to an Autocar report, Ferrari commercial chief Enrico Galliera said some of the precautionary measures include limiting access to the factory, and all commercial plant tours have been suspended. “Our supply chain is still in place and we’re carefully monitoring supplies. We don’t see any short-term problems. It helps that we don’t sell based on availability but based on our order book. That helps us to manage future production,” he said.

Ferrari has also assured that it remains in constant discussions with the authorities and is ready to adapt security measures as the situation evolves. It regards the health and wellbeing of its employees a top priority.

Currently, there are 10,149 reported cases in Italy, of which 631 were fatal. The country is widely dubbed the “Wuhan of Europe,” and the month-long lockdown is expected to have major economic repercussions, where growth was already stagnating. The Italian government has yet to specify how long the ban will last, but as it stands, the ban will remain in place until April 3.

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