Expert shows off classic cars you can buy on a budget for just over £10,000

Classic cars are purchases of passion: Bonhams

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Heritage Parts Center have warned classic models “need not cost a fortune” and have suggested drivers can secure models for just a “few thousand pounds”. They warn drivers could even make money on their classics in the long run and “wouldn’t have to worry about depreciation”.

Andy Gregory, experts at Heritage Parts Center warned drivers could lose up to £500 every year on a new model which would slowly lose value.

Instead, he has highlighted a range of classic models which drivers could purchase for between £10,000 and £20,000.

As well as driving around in a car which will “raise a few smiles”, the models are also likely to sell for more as they become rarer.

VW Campervan

Speaking to, Mr Gregory said a classic VW Campervan was an “astute purchase”.

He also claimed the cars “hold their value” and can be used for trips away over the summer.

A quick look at Car and Classic shows VW Campervans are available for between £8,000 and £10,000.

Mr Gregory said: “If value for money is what you want, then a VW Campervan is an astute purchase.

“Not only do they tend to hold their value, but you can also get away on holiday in it too.

“The average hotel cost per night for a couple is £117 so naturally if you are only paying for a campsite pitch with a spot of electricity and water it’ll be much less, close to £100 less!

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“What is more, you needn’t stay in the same place, you can explore, and with the options for overseas travel currently severely limited, it’s time to check what’s in our own backyard.

“It’s up to you whether you choose to buy a classic VW campervan and embrace a slower pace of driving and all the nostalgia that comes with it, or consider a [VW] T4, T5 or T6 which is still a very capable and comfortable daily driver.”


Mr Gregory has suggested classic Porches could be popular models for those looking for a more affordable classic.

Porsche’s comfort and functionality also makes these models ideal as a daily driver in exchange for a traditional model.

For those searching for a deal, Mr Grgeory says a Porsche 986 Boxster could be purchased for around £5,000.

However, prices can increase for newer and more lucrative machines.

He told “Perhaps a Porsche 911 is on your bucket list? In which case the 996 generation offers entry-level ownership around £12k and a ready to drive air-cooled example will kick off about £30,000.”

Other cars

Mr Gregory has also suggested drivers can secure a “nice Golf Mk1 Cabriolet” for around £5,000.

He has also hinted a Beetle convertible could be a good option for beginners with prices starting at around £10,000.

He added: “If you stray from the usual German marques and consider other iconic cars you could pick one of many classic Ford Mustangs for under £30k, a fifties style ‘Stepside truck’ for around £20,000 or an original Mini for circa £10,000.

“If you really want to swap practicality for pleasure, maybe a Lotus 7 kit car could tick the box?

“Prices start around £7-10k depending on manufacturer, and it’ll certainly raise a few smiles.”

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