Everything We Know About The Dacia Spring Electric

Dacia’s EV will be the most affordable in Europe.

Dacia has recently introduced its first production all-electric model, the Dacia Spring Electric, which is poised to become the most affordable electric car in Europe (it will not be available in the UK).

It’s based on the Dacia Spring Electric concept car that was first shown in March 2020 and related to the Renault City K-ZE.

Besides the standard passenger version for the general market, Dacia will offer (at first) a version adapted to car-sharing (like the Renault ZITY) and a cargo utility vehicle, for last-mile deliveries (with a payload of 325 kg and a volume of 800 litres).

“Designed for tradespeople, the Spring Electric Cargo features a boot that extends where the back seat is usually located, with a plastic lining on the floor and on the interior wheel arches, four anchor rings and a wire mesh partition separating the front passengers from the loading area.”

Orders book will open in Spring 2021 with two trim levels available. According to the official Hungarian Dacia website, the price for the first 100 cars will be HUF 6,490,000 (including 27% VAT tax, but before incentives), which is about €17,768 / $21,077. That’s not as low as we could hope, but really nice that there is a model below €20,000.