Even Ferrari Owners Have To Get Their Car's Takata Airbag Replaced

As part of Takata’s settlement with the United States government over the Japanese firm’s faulty airbag inflators, there’s a rolling recall to get the potentially dangerous safety devices off the road.

Now, it’s the turn of Ferrari owners to deal with the issue, as the Italian marque has issued a recall on passenger-side inflators in a bevy of vehicles built between 2009 and 2018. Affected vehicles include California and California T, 458 Italia/Spider/Speciale, 488 GTB/Spider, FF, GTC4 Lusso, F12, and F12 tdf. Owners can check if their car is affected by the recall by visiting Ferrari’s Takata airbag site.

Like other affected Takata inflators, factors like heat, humidity, and time can cause the propellant inside to degrade and absorb moisture. In a collision, this could mean that the airbag inflator would burst, which would shoot shards of metal at occupants and potentially result in serious injuries or even death.

An ongoing thread on the Ferrari Chat forum has owners discussing the problem. According to someone posting there, the replacement process removing the glovebox, passenger side dashboard cover, and accessing the underside of the cover where the airbag is attached. Many people there already having the repairs complete.

Ferrari is hardly alone in needing to replace Takata’s airbag components. In total, the campaign affects roughly 69 million vehicles from companies all over the world, including some examples of high-end, niche models like the McLaren 570S, Lexus LFA, and Tesla Model S.

Sources: NHTSA, Ferrari, Ferrari Chat

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