EV Sales Hit Record High in Q2 2022

In the same quarter last year, 19 EV models were for sale in the U.S. Compare this to 33 models this year.

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New vehicle sales in the second quarter struggled, up only modestly from the first quarter and down more than 20% from Q2 2021, Cox Automotive recently reported. There were a few positive notes in the Q2 sales numbers, though, and among them, EV sales stood out. Sales of battery-powered electric vehicles – pure EVs – jumped to 196,788, representing a record high and a 13% increase from Q1.

The Kelley Blue Book team has released their best estimates of electrified vehicle sales in Q2.

While new vehicle sales in general struggled in Q2, pure EVs were a shining star in the stats. Noteworthy, sales of hybrids and plug-in hybrids dropped in the same period.

Source: Cox Automotive

Cox provided these 10 quick takeaways from the report:

Find the KBB Electrified Light-Vehicle Sales Report report here.

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